Why Do Google Ads Leads and Cost Per Lead Fluctuate Every Week?

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A unique individual does every search on Google, and not everyone searching is ready to buy. Many factors, including the following, influence their decisions:

  1. The demographic of the user is not ready to purchase, so they were only searching and not prepared to call you (this causes your costs to go up and conversion rates to fall)

  2. The weather plays a factor in lower conversion rates. Typically, if the weather is not very good, the conversion rate will fall, and the volume of searches could be lower as well

  3. When there is a holiday, search volume usually dips, and the conversion rates fall off. Clicks could still come into your campaign, but conversion rates will drop as the user may not contact you.

  4. The volume of traffic will fluctuate throughout the year due to the seasonality of your business and the prime time that people will contact you. Some years the volume could be higher in May, but in other years that volume could be April. This may have to do with the way the weather is in your area.

  5. Every day new competitors will pop up and start running ads. They may start with really high bids and push competitors down. If you increase your bids to get your ads back up higher, this will increase your cost per conversion.

There is no way to control the users or the volume of searches on Google Ads. We can control the keywords, the bids, and the landing page that the user goes to on the site. If the site was previously converting well and there is a dip, a quick reaction to changing things is not needed. There will be ebbs and flows of leads that come in overtime.

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