What are the 3 most important aspects of a successful Google Ads (AdWords) campaign?

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1. To be successful, you need to use very specific keywords that narrow down your target audience of searches by using super relevant terms for your service/product and set up in tightly grouped ad groups/campaigns with the right match types (see more on this topic below—3 questions down). A large set of negative keywords should also be created from the beginning and be added to regularly.

2. Create highly relevant ads for their specific ad groups. Having the top keywords from that ad group in the headline sections of the ad is critical to get a higher CTR and also to get a higher quality score from Google. The other header should have some value statement or offer that can help attract customers to your ad over your competition. These value statements can help set you apart and draw the attention of the user searching google.

3. Highly relevant landing pages to match the ad group is important as this is what increases your quality score, decreases your cost per click, and increases the likelihood that a user will convert once they visit your website.

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