We a a Premier Google Ads partner! So what does this mean? Our agency spends $1,000,000 on Google Ads annually and we meet all the performance and certification requirements! Click the logo below to check to see that we are legit!


Our methods have resulted in many local service businesses getting up to 3x more leads through paid search ads and at a fraction of the cost!

How do we do it? We create custom landing pages for each service, create long lists of keywords directly applicable to your services, and we block out terms from the searches looking for “DIY” solutions! We have many more things we do as well, but this is just a sample of how we’re different!

Actual Customer Reviews on our Google Business Page:

We have been using Zeke at Creatively Innovative for Google Ads management for some time now. First and foremost Zeke has been able to drive down our CPC and increase our leads which has increased our bottom line. Second, Zeke is extremely easy to work with and understands how to offer great customer service.

I highly recommend!!!
— Bobby Walker
I hired Creatively Innovative to run my Google Ads and in just a month with them, we got more leads than the previous agency got us in 6 months. We have now have doubled our monthly revenue and wish we started with Creatively Innovative sooner.

I highly recommend hiring him for your digital marketing needs!
— Sal LoPresti
In an industry that is flooded with people claiming to get you results, THESE GUYS ACTUALLY PRODUCE! Very happy with the ROI we have been getting with our Adwords campaigns and they are always quick to respond to any questions and offer suggestions to produce better results.

Certainly happy we found them.
— Jon Karmazyn
They’ve changed our business dramatically. Since we started with creatively we have nearly doubled in gross sales each year. We have done so well with Google Ads we have all but stopped other advertising.

They don’t just set you up to pay for ads they optimize everything to truly get you a return for every dollar spent.
— Barnabas D.
I had an SEO for 7 years and we had a lead here and there. I hired Zeke and had more leads than we could handle. IMO the best out there.
— Jeffrey Schrumm
All I can say is ZEKE is the man. We are swamped [with leads].
— Scott Rothleitner
Creatively Innovative made me a believer for paid digital advertising after previously trying and wasting a lot of money doing it myself and with another company that had everything set up wrong.

Zeke is an analytical genius and I have complete trust in him and his company doing what’s right managing our paid advertising online.
— Phil Rogers
Knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommend them for your online marketing needs.
— Jonathan Brandle

Your Google Ads could be running more efficiently.

Creatively Innovative has audited many Google Ads campaigns and have found that many accounts are performing poorly due to lack of the right keyword set up, poorly written ads, bad user experience on the landing page to convert, and then a lack of tracking the leads.

We make sure to track everything from form submissions to phone calls— and we can even point to the exact keyword the calls and forms came from. No more guessing on what is working!

What’s included with our campaigns?

  • Create and optimize landing pages (Every client comments how clean these pages look!)

  • Create and optimize ads

  • Create lists of keywords applicable to each campaign

  • Manage bidding for each keyword to get the best results

  • Maintenance of the account to reduce lead acquisition cost and maximize ad reach

  • Optimize the campaign(s) to find the best quality leads

  • Monitor and address Google’s algorithm changes and other trends happening

  • Form Tracking

  • Call tracking

Google Ad Strategies

If your business is in need of bringing in more customers, you probably need to do digital marketing. Instead of you trying to keep up with the trends, let us devise a plan that is suitable for your industry.


Check out our Google Ads case studies