Transform Your Business with Google Ads for Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Companies

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Are you an epoxy garage floor coating company struggling to get results from your Google Ads campaigns? Have you hired agencies that promised big but delivered little? Don’t worry, we understand your concerns.

At Creatively Innovative, we specialize in running highly successful ads for concrete floor coating companies. We have helped many businesses go from zero to earning $100,000 per month. Our innovative approach to managing Google Ads campaigns ensures outstanding results right from the first month.

Our Strategy for Successful Google Ads Management

We have a proven strategy that guarantees results for epoxy floor coating companies. We have carefully selected a list of keywords that give us excellent conversion rates at a low cost. By using these keywords and carefully selecting negative keywords, we can deliver impressive results within the first month of managing your campaign.

Using Effective Keywords for Epoxy Flooring

We have tested many keywords and know which ones work best for epoxy flooring. Our campaigns include different ad groups and carefully chosen keywords to attract the right customers. This saves you money that you would otherwise spend on trial and error with other agencies.

Managing Negative Keywords for Epoxy Flooring

We continuously improve your campaign by adding new negative keywords every month. These negative keywords are added to a shared list used by all our clients in the epoxy floor industry. This helps us optimize your campaign and save you money in the long run.

Generating Leads for Your Garage Floor Coating Business

In Google Ads, a lead is either a phone call or a form submission. We closely monitor and track every lead, whether it’s a phone call or a form submission. Our advanced tracking systems allow us to record all incoming calls and track form submissions, giving you valuable insights into the performance of your campaign.

The Importance of Phone Call Tracking

Effective call tracking is crucial for the success of your Google Ads campaign. We go beyond using a single phone number for tracking. By using a dynamic phone number pool on your website, we can identify which keywords led to specific calls. Our clients have access to a dashboard where they can monitor the calls generated from their Google Ads campaigns.

Landing Pages: Turning Visitors into Leads

Our custom landing pages are designed to convert visitors into leads. We either connect these landing pages to your website or integrate them directly into your WordPress site. These landing pages track user behavior and provide valuable data for optimizing their performance.

Understanding the Cost of Acquiring Epoxy Flooring Leads

The cost per lead depends on factors such as the cost per click, the time of year, special offers, guarantees, and the effectiveness of your landing page. Typically, we can generate 10-15 leads for every 100 clicks.

Our Management Service at Creatively Innovative

Our management service covers everything you need for successful Google Ads campaigns. We create and optimize landing pages, track calls, create and optimize ads, manage bidding, manage negative keywords, and analyze performance. We constantly optimize your campaigns to ensure the best results.

The Potential of Bing Ads

In addition to Google Ads, we can also help you run Bing Ads campaigns. Bing Ads can potentially generate up to 20% more leads per month for your business, depending on your location and search volumes. This is an additional service that can be added to your Google Ads campaign.

Adding More Campaigns

If you want to run additional campaigns alongside your epoxy flooring leads, we can help with that too. Additional charges and setup fees may apply.

Are you ready to take your epoxy garage floor ads to the next level? Schedule an appointment with us and let’s work together to write a success story for your epoxy garage floor coating business.

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