Google Ads for Remodeling Contractors

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Attract Top-Quality Remodeling Contractors Leads via Google Ads

Feeling your money’s going down the drain with Google Ads? Tried hiring experts but still didn’t get what you expected? Look no further!

We’re experts in running top-notch ads for home remodeling contractors. Our modern methods promise great results in a short time.

Our Unique Way of Managing Google Ads

We’ve picked a list of keywords that make the cost-per-conversion super low. Also, we have a list of negative keywords. With our huge experience managing Google Ads for local businesses, we give amazing results within the first month!

Remodeling Keywords

We tested lots of keywords to find the best ones for conversions. We create campaigns with many ad groups and carefully chosen keywords. Hiring another Google Ads agency could take a lot of time and money. We save you from that trouble!

Negative Keywords for Remodeling

Each month, we add new negative keywords to your campaign. We keep all these negative keywords on a shared list used by all our remodeling clients. So, everyone sees better results over time and you don’t have to spend extra money on those terms again!

Leads for Remodeling Contractors

In Google Ads, leads are phone calls or form submissions. They are different from actual sales.

We keep a close eye on conversions. We keep track of every lead, whether it’s a phone call or a form submission. We use call-tracking software that works smoothly with Google Ads and Google Analytics. We also put Google Ads tracking code and joined it with Google Analytics to monitor form submissions.

Phone Call Tracking for Remodeling Contractors

Good call tracking is a must for checking your Google Ads campaign. You need a dynamic phone number pool on your website so every visitor sees a different phone number. This way, we can link each call to the keyword that brought it.

We let our clients keep track of the calls from their Google Ads campaigns through a dashboard. It gives useful info about the calls. You also get weekly and monthly emails about the calls from the call tracking platform.

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages play a big part in the cost per lead. That’s why we always use our tried and tested landing pages. These pages have software that tracks user actions, like mouse movements, clicks, and how far they scroll. This data helps us make your landing page perform better.

What’s the Price of Getting a Lead for Home Remodeling?

Many things affect the price per lead, like:

  • Click cost

  • Time of year

  • Special deals

  • Unique Selling Points

  • Landing page

The price per lead depends on our bidding strategy. We can’t tell the exact cost per lead until we’ve run ads for a few weeks. After this, we can adjust the strategy. We can aim for a specific cost-per-lead or go for a more bold approach, whatever suits your needs and goals.

How Much Does a Lead Cost for Home Remodeling on Google Ads?

Google Ads leads are usually better than Facebook leads. So, even if you pay more for a Google Ads lead, it can have a conversion rate three times better. But the cost per lead can change depending on things like the time of year, location, and market conditions.

What Comes with Our Management?

We put a lot of time into creating these successful campaigns. We will run your ads through our own Google Ads account. You won’t own the campaigns directly. But, if you’re eligible, you will get $500 of free ad credits from Google with a new account in the second month.

We don’t make you sign a contract. If you decide to leave, the ad account and landing pages stay with us.

Bing Ads for Remodeling Contractors

Want to get 20% more leads every month? Depending on the city, Bing Ads could help. This plan is meant to add to your Google Ads strategy, not replace it.

Extra Campaigns

There will be extra costs and setup fees if you want more campaigns. We must create more landing pages, do more keyword research, and manage the campaigns. If you want to know more, feel free to ask!

Other Businesses We Help

We mainly work with home service businesses. We help them manage their PPC and SEO campaigns and give them top results.

Ready to Let a Pro Get You Leads from Google Ads?

Fill out our contact form with as much info as you can. This helps us determine the best plan and the options for your specific service area.

We can also give you an idea of the search volume in your area. This info helps you understand the market you’re targeting.

We look forward to getting your info and helping you in the best way possible.

Ready To Get More Leads For Your Business?

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