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We offer Google Ads Packages to fit most clients needs!

Our ideal clients are the following:

What we provide:

  • Full done-for-you Google Ads management

  • Data-driven performance marketing

  • Call tracking

  • Form Tracking

  • Landing page creation and optimization

  • Keyword research for targeting

  • Negative keyword management

  • Optimizations to drive down cost per lead and increase number of leads

  • Typical ROI is 4-7x or greater. Some smaller cities with lower volume of leads we have heard of only a 4x ROI.

What we can’t control:

  • Number of searches in your area for your service (We can’t help you get leads for water-front property in the middle of Arizona)

  • Number of leads you get each month (Varies by industry and city you live in)

  • Seasonality of leads for your business (less leads during off-season, more leads during peak-season)

  • Your closing rate of leads

  • We can’t control the demographics of the people that click your ads— we only can control what keywords our ads show up for (Peak season for your business the closing rate will be much better than the off-peak months)

Here is a little more explanation to get the best results from Google Ads:
Since search engine marketing relies on people searching for your services we need a larger service area to work with. We have found that Google Ads is most effective in areas where the service area is a minimum of 500k people, but 750k people or more is much better. You have to actually target this many people and not a super small radius. If you want to hyper target an area, stick to marketing with postcards, yard signs, and flyers and hire a salesman. The average price of your services needs to be $500 or greater and a good closing rate for your industry if you want to make a 4 to 1 ROI if you spend $50 per lead and acquire at $100. Your ROI will be greater if you land bigger jobs, but this is just a good starting number. Lower prices and higher closing rates can work as well too. Each industry will be different on what the cost per lead will be, so it is good for you to know how much you can spend to acquire a client and then work backward on your closing rate to figure out what you can spend per lead. Fill out a contact form and we can let you know if you will be a good fit for our services.

Google Ads Pricing and Labor Rates for Home Service Companies

Contact us to set up a discovery call to see if we are a good fit for your company in your service area. After we have determined you are a good fit, we will move forward with you and present to you a custom marketing plan that works for your business. No two businesses are alike so we can prescribe the exact same plan for everyone.

More About Paid Search Campaigns

Paid search can be intimidating to some people and others could have had bad experiences with it in the past. Paid search can actually be quite profitable if your campaigns are set up correctly to meet your business objectives. We have helped many clients optimize their campaigns to get better results for their intended budget spend.

Business Objectives

First, we figure out what your business objectives are. Then, we take a look at your past account, if you have one, and see where we can optimize it to meet your objectives. If you do not have a previous account, don’t worry we will do all the work to set up new campaigns and manage them each month!

Target Audience

We then set up your campaigns to reach a targeted audience based on cities, states, postal codes, or even a radius around your location! We can even block the ads from coming up in certain cities in your region if you want to avoid areas not part of your intended target audience.

Build Keyword Lists

To set up a campaign, we will build a list of keywords that match the product or services you offer that we want to come up in search. Then, we build a list of negative keywords to make sure your ads do not appear on search results relating to searches not applicable to your business. This is a critical step that is often overlooked, but it will significantly decrease ad spend on irrelevant traffic.

Group Keywords into Ad Groups

There are many keywords that go into a campaign for your business. We take the time to make sure that each keyword is matched with the right ad and landing page to provide your future customer with the best possible experience. Over time, as we manage these keywords in their groupings, we optimize them to get you the best possible results.

Create Landing Pages

To get the best conversions, it is necessary to have good landing pages from these ads. We can create landing pages for your website, or work with your web admin to set them up. As the campaign progresses, we will want to continually tweak the landing page to get the best conversion rate. Sometimes even the smallest adjustment can bring in more conversions.

Take the Next Step

If you are ready to increase your revenue for your business, and want someone to take care of your account for you then you have come to the right place. We manage your account for optimal results and continually strive to lower the cost per acquisition of a purchase or lead.

Ready To Get More Leads For Your Business?

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