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Explore the Best Paver Sealing Leads Through Google Ads

Are you frustrated with your Google Ads investment disappearing without delivering impressive results?

Have you ever hired a company to handle your ads, only to find the results weren’t as promising as you hoped?

We’ve been managing ads for Paver Sealing Businesses since 2019. In the process, we’ve optimized hundreds of thousands of ad spend dollars to distinguish winning strategies from unsuccessful ones.

How do we run Google Ads differently?

We’ve built a comprehensive list of potent keywords that give you the best value for each conversion. On top of that, we’ve also gathered a significant list of negative keywords to steer clear of. With our extensive experience in managing Google Ads for local businesses, we apply our expertise to every new account, guaranteeing outstanding results within the initial month of management!


We’ve scrutinized hundreds of keywords and pinpointed those that result in successful conversions. Our campaigns thrive on numerous diverse ad groups and hundreds of carefully selected keywords. We strive to bring you impressive outcomes without draining thousands in trial and error expenses. If you chose to work with a different Google Ads agency, they might require months of experimenting to figure out what works best. Plus, it might even take years for them to decrease your cost per lead to an affordable range.

Negative Keywords

Every month, we enhance your campaign by adding more negative keywords tailored to our paver sealing initiatives. These are compiled in a master list, which is then shared among all our clients in the paver sealing business who utilize Google Ads. This strategy ensures each account continuously improves over time, sparing you the expense of ineffective terms down the line. It’s a win-win for all our clients!

Conversions (Leads)

Definition: A conversion in Google Ads is a phone call or a form. Conversions are also referred to as leads. They are not the same thing as a sale.

In terms of tracking success, we monitor every lead, whether it’s a phone call or a form submission. We use advanced call tracking software that integrates effortlessly with Google Ads and Google Analytics. For monitoring form submissions, we use the Google Ads tracking code and make sure it’s perfectly integrated with Google Analytics.

Our thorough tracking approach allows us to precisely identify effective keywords and determine the cost you incur for each lead.

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking calls is a vital part of evaluating the success of your Google Ads campaign. Without this feature, a Google Ads manager wouldn’t be able to optimize your campaign effectively. It’s also crucial not to rely solely on a single number to track your calls. Instead, we should use a dynamic phone number pool on your site, rotating numbers based on each individual visitor. This approach allows us to track which call is linked to which keyword.

We ensure our clients have access to this dashboard, enabling you to see which calls are coming from your Google Ad campaigns. You’ll also receive weekly and monthly emails from the call tracking platform detailing the total number of calls and the number of first-time calls you received.

Landing Pages

To drive down the cost per lead, we create custom landing pages that have been meticulously tested and proven to convert visitors effectively. These landing pages are tailored to your specific paver sealing services. We link these pages to your main domain using a subdomain structure (e.g., or seamlessly integrate them into your WordPress-based website (e.g.,

Our landing pages are equipped with sophisticated software that tracks user behavior, including mouse movements, clicks, and scroll depth. This valuable data allows us to optimize and fine-tune your landing pages for optimal performance and conversion rates.

What is the cost to acquire a paver sealing lead?

There are a lot of variances of what each customer will pay for a lead. Factors that affect the cost per lead include:

  • Cost per click

  • Season of the year

  • Special offer

  • Guarantees

  • Landing page

Our conversion rate typically fluctuates between 10-20%, averaging around 15%. This means for every 100 clicks, we can generate about 15 leads for you.

The cost per lead largely depends on our bidding strategy. Generally, we aim for position 2, which tends to yield a significant number of leads at an optimal price. It’s difficult to predict the exact cost in your area until we’ve run ads for a few weeks to understand the bidding landscape better. We can either focus on achieving a specific cost per lead or strive to maintain the position 2 ranking. Most clients tend to prefer the latter strategy.

What is the cost to run a Google Ads campaign?

The average account we’ve audited spends over $200 to secure a lead. But with our strategic management, the typical cost per lead, inclusive of management fees, is usually under $125!

What is included with our management?

Considering the effort and expertise we’ve put into designing these highly effective campaigns, we manage your ads from our dedicated Google Ads account, and the ownership of the campaigns rests with us. It’s somewhat like how a power washer doesn’t leave their equipment for a customer to use later. On the brighter side, with a new account, Google offers you $500 in free ad credits, which can be used in the second month!

We believe in freedom and flexibility, so we don’t use long-term contracts. If at any point you decide to move on, please note that the ad account and the custom landing pages we’ve created remain under our management.

All plans include the following:

  • Create and optimize a landing page

  • Call tracking

  • Create and optimize ads

  • Create lists of keywords applicable to each service

  • Research for competitor names for negative terms

  • Manage bidding

  • Manage negative keywords

  • Analyze performance and optimize campaigns every week!

Bing Ads

Interested in an additional 20% each month? Depending on your city, Bing Ads might be the service for you! Please note, this plan is intended to complement Google Ads and is NOT designed to function as a standalone package.

Additional Campaigns

If you’re considering expanding your campaigns beyond paver sealing and pressure washing, please be aware there will be extra charges and setup fees involved. Each additional campaign necessitates extra landing pages, keyword research, and management. For more specific information on this matter, feel free to reach out to us.

Other Industries We Are Serving

Our main specialization lies in the home service industry where we cater to various professionals, including Pressure Washers, Window Cleaners, Deck Builders, Gutter Cleaners, Gutter Cleaners, Gutter Installers and Christmas Light Installers, Tree Services, and House Cleaners. We are also equipped to help companies specializing in Glass and Windshield Repair, Junk Removal, Fence Companies, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, and Paver Sealing Companies, providing them with robust support in managing and optimizing their PPC and SEO campaigns and delivering superior results.

Ready to have a professional manage your Paver Sealing ads?

We invite you to complete our contact form with as many details as possible. This will enable us to assist you in determining the best plan for your needs and what’s feasible within your service area.

We can also provide estimates on search volume specific to your region to give you a clearer understanding of your local market potential.

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