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Enhance Your Business With Gutter Cleaning Leads via Google Ads

Are you frustrated with draining resources on Google Ads and still falling short on results?

Has your past experience with marketing agencies left you underwhelmed with the outcome of your ad campaigns?

Our expertise lies in managing Google Ads for companies in the Gutter Cleaning sector since 2016. Having invested over $3,000,000 in ad spend, we’ve honed our skills to discern the strategies that yield success and those that don’t.

How do we run Google Ads differently?

We’ve developed a robust roster of high-performing keywords that ensure an impressive cost-per-conversion ratio. Additionally, we’ve accumulated extensive lists of negative keywords to further optimize your campaigns. This wealth of knowledge in Google Ads Management is applied to every new account we manage, allowing us to deliver remarkable results within the first month of stewardship!


Our thorough testing of hundreds of keywords gives us a clear picture of what drives conversions. With over 20+ ad groups and a multitude of keywords at our disposal for our campaigns, we’re equipped to deliver strong results without the necessity of a costly trial-and-error process. If you were to partner with another Google Ads agency, they’d need months of testing to discern what works, and even then, it might take them years to decrease your cost-per-lead. With our agency, you can bypass this lengthy process and immediately start reaping the benefits.

Negative Keywords

Each month, we fine-tune your campaign by incorporating more negative keywords into our gutter cleaning campaigns. These additions are made to a master list that is shared amongst all our gutter cleaning clients utilizing Google Ads. Consequently, every account under our management is progressively improving over time, ensuring you don’t pay for inefficient terms in the future! This strategic approach results in a win-win situation for all our clients!

Conversions (Leads)

Definition: A conversion in Google Ads is a phone call or a form. Conversions are also referred to as leads. They are not the same thing as a sale.

As it pertains to conversions, we meticulously track every lead, be it through a phone call or a form submission. We employ call tracking software to monitor all calls, integrating the data with both Google Ads and Google Analytics. Our forms are tracked using Google Ads tracking codes, which are also integrated with Google Analytics.

Thanks to our comprehensive tracking system, we can accurately determine which keywords are effective and calculate your exact cost per lead. This precise understanding enables us to further refine your ad campaigns for maximum returns.

Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking is pivotal for understanding the performance of your Google Ads campaign. Without it, an Ads manager cannot effectively optimize your campaign. Beyond just call tracking, it’s crucial not to rely on a single number for tracking calls. We utilize a dynamic phone number pool on your site, which allocates different numbers to each visitor. This approach enables us to discern which call originated from which keyword.

We provide our clients access to this dashboard, so you’re always aware of the calls originating from your Google Ads campaigns. Additionally, you’ll receive weekly and monthly emails from the call tracking platform detailing the total number of calls you’ve received, including the number of first-time callers. This kind of detailed report empowers you with knowledge about your campaign’s performance.

Landing Pages

Given the significant impact custom landing pages have on cost-per-lead outcomes, we consistently use our tested, high-conversion landing pages. We integrate these landing pages with your domain through a subdomain (for example, or directly into your WordPress website (for example,

Our landing pages come equipped with tracking software that monitors customer interactions, such as mouse movements, click patterns, and scroll depth on the page. This rich data allows us to further optimize your page, improving its performance and enhancing its capacity to convert visitors into leads.

What is the cost to acquire a gutter cleaning lead?

The cost per lead can vary significantly for each customer, influenced by several factors, including:

  • Cost per click

  • Season of the year

  • Special offer

  • Guarantees

  • Landing page

Typically, our conversion rates fluctuate between 15-25%, with an average around 18%. This indicates that for every 100 clicks, we’re able to generate about 18 leads for you.

The ultimate cost per lead is dependent on our bidding strategy. Generally, we aim to secure position 2, which tends to yield a substantial number of leads at the most competitive price. If the bids are approximately $5.40 each, your average cost per lead could be around $30. However, it’s challenging to ascertain the exact figure for your area until we’ve run ads for a couple of weeks to gauge the required bid levels. We can strategize to achieve a specific cost per lead, or to consistently secure position 2. Most of our clients favor the position 2 strategy.

What is the cost to run a Google Ads campaign?

On average, the accounts we’ve audited reveal an expenditure of over $100 to secure a single lead. In comparison, our combined cost per lead and management fee typically falls below $50!

Many of our clients report a conversion rate of 40-60% from leads to sales. So, if you’re spending $100 per lead with another agency or on your own, and achieving a conversion rate of 50%, your customer acquisition cost is $200.

On the other hand, with our services, your cost to acquire a new customer would be just $100, resulting in increased profit margins. Furthermore, the savings enable you to afford a higher volume of leads, thus expanding your potential client base!

What is included with our management?

Given the substantial time and effort we’ve invested in developing high-converting campaigns, we operate your ads from our own Google Ads account; you won’t own these campaigns. This is akin to not leaving your power washing equipment behind for a client to use at their discretion. (Please note that you’ll receive $500 of free ad credits from Google with a new account! These will be applied in the second month)

Our relationship is not contractually bound, providing you with flexibility. If you decide to discontinue our services, please note that the ad account and landing page(s) will remain under our ownership.

All plans include the following:

  • Create and optimize landing page per service

    • Typically, we build 1 to 3 pages depending on what you offer

    • Gutter cleaning

    • Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning is 1 page (if you offer these services)

    • Window cleaning (if you offer this service)

  • Call tracking

  • Create and optimize ads

  • Create lists of keywords applicable to each service

  • Research for competitor names for negative terms

  • Manage bidding

  • Manage negative keywords

  • Analyze performance and optimize campaigns every week!

Bing Ads

Eager to boost your monthly leads by an additional 20%? Depending on your city’s search volume, Bing Ads might be an excellent supplement to your strategy! Please note, this plan is meant to complement your existing Google Ads efforts and is not designed to function as a stand-alone package.

Additional Campaigns

If you’re considering the inclusion of campaigns beyond gutter cleaning and pressure washing, please be aware that this will incur additional charges and setup fees. Each new campaign necessitates the creation of additional landing pages, further keyword research, and extended management. For more specific details on these provisions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Other Industries We Are Serving

Our main specialization lies in the home service industry where we cater to various professionals, including Pressure Washers, Window Cleaners, Deck Builders, Gutter Cleaners and Christmas Light Installers, Tree Services, and House Cleaners. We are also equipped to help companies specializing in Glass and Windshield Repair, Junk Removal, Fence Companies, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, and Paver Sealing Companies, providing them with robust support in managing and optimizing their PPC and SEO campaigns and delivering superior results.

Ready to have a professional manage your Gutter Cleaning ads?

To get started, please fill out our contact form, providing as much information as you can. We can assist you in determining which plan best suits your needs and what’s achievable within your service area.

Additionally, we can perform estimates on search volume from your area, giving you a clear picture of the potential within your locality.

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