Google Ads for Concrete Coatings

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Target Concrete Coatings Leads Effectively Through Google Ads

Are you tired of wasting your budget on ineffective Google Ads campaigns?

Have you previously hired agencies but didn’t see the desired results?

Look no further! We specialize in running highly successful ads for Concrete Floor Coating Companies, and have taken some companies from zero to $100,000 a month. Our innovative approach ensures outstanding results within the first month of management!

What is our innovative way to manage Google Ads campaigns?

We have curated a highly effective list of keywords with excellent cost-per-conversion rates. Furthermore, we have meticulously compiled extensive lists of negative keywords. With our extensive experience in managing PPC for local businesses, we apply our expertise to every new account, guaranteeing outstanding results within the initial month of management!

Epoxy Keywords

Through extensive testing of numerous keywords, we have acquired a deep understanding of what drives conversions. Our campaigns boast an abundance of ad groups and hundreds of strategically chosen keywords. By leveraging our expertise, you can achieve favorable results without the need to invest thousands of dollars in trial and error. Hiring another Google Ads agency would require them to undergo months of testing to identify effective strategies, and it could still take years for them to reduce your cost per lead.

Negative Keywords for Epoxy Flooring

Every month, we continuously enhance your campaign for epoxy floor companies by incorporating additional negative keywords. These negative keywords are added to a shared master list utilized by all our clients in the epoxy floor industry who run Google Ads. As a result, every account experiences exponential improvement over time, and you won’t incur future expenses for those specific terms! It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for all our clients, ensuring collective success in the long run!

Leads for Garage Floor Coatings

Definition: A lead (conversion) in Google Ads is a phone call or a form. Leads are also referred to as conversions. They are not the same thing as a sale.

When it comes to conversions, we meticulously monitor and track every lead, be it through phone calls or form submissions. We employ phone call-tracking software that seamlessly synchronizes with Google Ads and Google Analytics to keep a record of all incoming calls. Additionally, we utilize Google Ads tracking code and integrate it with Google Analytics to track form submissions.

Thanks to our comprehensive tracking system, we gain valuable insights into the performance of keywords and accurately determine the cost per lead for your business.

Phone Call Tracking for Epoxy Floor Coating Companies

Effective call tracking is crucial for understanding the performance of your Google Ads campaign. Without this tracking capability, a Google Ads manager won’t be able to optimize your campaign accurately. It is also essential to go beyond using a single static phone number to track your calls. Implementing a dynamic phone number pool on your website, which changes numbers for each visitor, becomes necessary. By employing this method, we can precisely identify which keyword led to each specific call. We provide our clients with access to a comprehensive dashboard, enabling you to monitor the calls generated from your Google Ad campaigns. Additionally, you will receive regular weekly and monthly emails from the call tracking platform, providing insights into the total number of calls received and the number of first-time callers.

Landing Pages

Given the significant impact of custom landing pages on the cost per lead, we consistently utilize our tested custom landing pages that are proven to convert effectively. We establish a connection between these landing pages and your domain through a subdomain structure (e.g., Alternatively, if you have a WordPress website, we seamlessly integrate the landing pages directly into your site (e.g., Our landing pages incorporate advanced software that tracks user behavior, including mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling depth. This valuable data allows us to optimize the performance of your landing page, ensuring superior outcomes.

What is the cost to acquire an epoxy flooring lead?

There are a lot of variances of what each customer will pay for a lead. Factors that affect the cost per lead include:

  • Cost per click

  • Season of the year

  • Special offer

  • Guarantees

  • Landing page

Typically, our conversion rate ranges anywhere from 10-15%. This means for every 100 clicks we can get you 10-15 leads.

The cost per lead will come down to how much we are bidding. It’s hard to know exactly what it will be in your area until we have run ads for a couple weeks to get an idea on where the bids have to be. We can work towards goals of a certain cost per lead or being more agressive.

What is the cost per lead for concrete coatings on Google Ads?

Google Ads leads are much better than Facebook Leads. So you will pay more for a lead from Google Ads, but it should convert 3x better. It really can vary by the time of year and where you are located and the costs to get leads. We have seen it average from $100-150 in some areas and in some months go below this. We are always striving to balance getting more leads vs spending too much per lead.

What is included with our management?

Due to the amount of time we have invested into creating these high-converting campaigns, we will run your ads from our own Google Ads account and you will not own the campaigns. It would be similar to how you would not leave behind your concrete cleaning equipment to allow a client to use to clean their garage later. (You will get $500 of free ad credits from Google with a new account if you are eligible! It applies in the 2nd month)

We do not lock you into a contract. If you choose to leave, the ad account and landing page(s) stay with us.

All plans include the following:

  • Create and optimize a landing page

  • Call tracking

  • Create and optimize ads

  • Create lists of keywords applicable to each service

  • Research for competitor names for negative terms

  • Manage bidding

  • Manage negative keywords

  • Analyze performance and optimize campaigns every week!

Bing Ads

Looking to add another 20% of leads a month to your business? Depending on the city there might be enough searches for Bing Ads! This plan is ONLY in addition to Google Ads. This is not a stand-alone package.

Additional Campaigns

If you wish to incorporate additional campaigns alongside epoxy flooring leads, please note that there will be additional charges and setup fees involved. Each campaign necessitates the creation of additional landing pages, comprehensive keyword research, and ongoing management. For further information regarding this matter, please feel free to inquire for more details.

Other Industries We Are Serving

Our main specialization lies in the home service industry where we cater to various professionals, including Pressure Washers, Window Cleaners, Deck Builders, Gutter Cleaners, and Christmas Light Installers, Tree Services, and House Cleaners. We are also equipped to help companies specializing in Glass and Windshield Repair, Junk Removal, Fence Companies, Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, and Paver Sealing Companies, providing them with robust support in managing and optimizing their PPC and SEO campaigns and delivering superior results.

Ready to have a professional manage your Concrete Coating ads?

Please complete our contact form and provide as much information as possible. This will enable us to assist you in determining the most suitable plan and assessing the possibilities for your specific service area.

Additionally, we can conduct estimates on the search volume within your area, offering you valuable insights into the landscape of your target market.

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