Paid Search Case Study for a Specialty Retail Store

By setting the right match types and lowering the average position, the client was able to see a 68% cost per click reduction and achieve 317% more clicks.


A family owned specialty retail store with multiple locations had been running paid search campaigns for about 3 months and had been set up by a Google representative. The media spend was split 80% on paid search and 20% on re-marketing efforts. We learned their intent was to gain more awareness for their brand over their larger nationwide competitor in the area and wanted to get the most clicks for their budget.


Search: After discovering that the account was set up with very high bids, we recommended that the client lower their bids, reorganize their ad groups, and modify their match terms. With this approach, the customer would then be able to take advantage of showing up in more results, be more relevant to potential customers, and get more clicks from their budget.

Re-marketing/Display: For their re-marketing ads, we suggested that if they want to get more awareness of their brand that they move to keyword targeting with display ads, turn off ads from mobile apps, and lower the bids to reach a greater audience.


Search: Their search campaign started off in June 2016 with a Cost-per-click (CPC) of $1.40. After we took over the client in September and implemented changes we reduced the CPC to $1.07. Further tweaks were made in October to reduce the cost to $0.76 per click and move their position down to an average position of 2. The number of searches for their keywords were still higher than their budget so we cut their bids even further to move down to position 3 and still get enough clicks to maintain the same budget spent. They have currently settled off at around $0.45 per click and average a position of 2.8 in February 2017.

Re-marketing/Display: Since the goal of this business was to increase awareness of the brand, the more ad impressions we could get to the right target audience would help raise the number of people that would remember their brand when they needed the product. The client started off getting about 100k in impressions using re-marketing ads. Since we wanted to reach new people that have not heard of their brand, we changed over to display ads. We targeted people that have searched keywords relating to their products and increased the impressions to 500k a month (500% increase).

Spend: +8% for search, -62% for display

Decrease in Cost-per-click: -68% for Search, -68% for Display

Increase in clicks: +317% for Search, 95% for Display


Average Cost Per Click ($) Decreasing

Number of Clicks Increasing

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