Paid Search Case Study for a Cleaning Service Company

By setting the right match types and lowering the average position, the client was able to see a -78% cost per click reduction and achieve 66 conversions for the same budget spend.


A small business in the cleaning services industry had a paid search campaign that ran for 2 weeks in the middle of his busiest season. They spent $600 over 2 weeks and got 67 clicks at about $9 per click and got 0 leads. The business owner was skeptical that Paid Search would even work for their industry due to the bad results he had in the past. After speaking with him, we learned their intent was to gain more volume of business during the end of the busy season.


After discovering that the account was set up with bids higher than they needed to be, all broad match keywords, and only a single ad group, we recommended that we lower their bids, modify their match terms, and reorganize the keywords into relevant ad groups. We also went a step further and added cross ad group negatives to make sure all the keywords were driven to the right ad group. After reviewing their short negative keyword list, we found keywords that made us think of more things to exclude from future campaigns. We grew the negative list from 90 to over 300 keywords right from the start and since running our campaign with them we have over 750 negative keywords. 


The first two weeks started off slow with no conversions, but by the 3rd week the leads were coming in fast. We averaged between $6.50 and $11 per lead each week. At the end of the 11 week campaign (which finished off the client's season of service), we had 66 leads through forms and phone call tracking and had only spent $631. 

Cost per lead: $9.56 on average

Decrease in Cost-per-click: -78% Reduction

Increase in conversions: 66 compared to 0 for the same budget


Average CPC ($) Decreased

Cost/Conversion ($) Decreased

First 4 data points there were no conversions. This was the amount of money spent in those weeks.

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