Performance of Campaigns

Before you work with someone, it's important to know how well have they done on previous projects. Just like you are able to see our portfolio of websites, we also want to show you a couple case studies on paid search we have done. 

Paid search results will vary based on many different things: competition of keyword bids in your area, volume of searches for your product/services industry, and the type of product or service you are offering.

Lead Generation Campaign

Our second case study is for a cleaning service business. They were not getting the leads they wanted from free organic search engine results and they wanted to boost their volume by getting more leads from paid search. They had previously worked with another agency and after 2 weeks and spending $600 and getting no leads they decided to work with us. Check out how we reduced the cost per click by -78% and achieved 66 conversions with the same budget.

Brand Awareness Campaign

Our first case study is for a specialty retail store which has 8 locations. Their goal was to increase awareness by coming up on more search results to let people know they have alternative options compared to the national chains that sell similar products. Since they do not sell their products online, their main goal was to make sure people know what products they sold and where the closest location was to them.