Google Ads for Window Cleaning Companies

Are you tired of wasting money on Google Ads only to have terrible results?

Have you tried having an agency run your ads and they weren’t getting you very good results?

We’ve been running ads for Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Companies for over 3 years and have spent over $200k to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

How do we run Google Ads differently?

We have built up a list of keywords that work and have an excellent cost per conversion. In addition, we have also built up long lists of negative keywords. We apply this knowledge to every new account so that we get great results within the first month of management!


We have tested hundreds of keywords and know what converts. We have over 20+ ad groups and hundreds of keywords for our campaigns. We can get you good results without having to spend thousands of dollars on trial and error. If you hired another Google ads agency, they would have to go through months of testing to be able to figure out what works and it would still take years for them to lower your cost per lead.

Negative Keywords

Every month we are optimizing your campaign by adding more negative keywords to our window cleaning campaigns. We add these negative keywords to a master list that is shared with all of our window cleaning clients running Google Ads. This means that every account is getting exponentially better over time and you don’t have to pay for that term in the future! It’s a win-win for all our clients!

Conversions (Leads)

Definition: A conversion in Google Ads is a phone call or a form. Conversions are also referred to as leads. They are not the same thing as a sale.

When it comes to conversions, we track every lead whether it’s a phone call or a form submission. We use phone call tracking software to track all our calls which syncs with Google Ads and Google Analytics. We track our forms using Google Ads tracking code and also integrate it in with Google Analytics.

Due to our detailed tracking, we are able to see what keywords are working and how much it is costing you for a lead.

Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking is critical to know what is working on your Google Ads campaign. If a Google Ads manager does not offer this tracking, they are not going to be able to optimize your campaign correctly. It is also necessary to make sure you are not just using a single number to track your calls. You have to have a dynamic phone number pool on your site which swaps out numbers based upon each visitor that comes in. By doing this we can then see which call came from which keyword. We give our clients access to this dashboard so you can see which calls are coming in from your Google Ad campaigns. You will also get weekly and monthly emails from the call tracking platform to show you how many total calls you got and how many first-time calls came in.

Landing Pages

Since custom landing pages have a high effect on the outcome of cost per lead, we always use our custom landing pages that have been tested and we know they can convert. We connect our landing pages via a sub domain to your domain (Example: or directly integrate it with your website if you have WordPress (Example: Our landing pages have software built into them to track where customers are moving their mouse, track what they are clicking on, and track how far they scroll down the page. This helps us to be able to optimize your page and make it perform better.

What is the cost to acquire a window washing lead?

There are a lot of variances of what each customer will pay for a lead. Factors that affect the cost per lead include:

  • Cost per click

  • Season of the year

  • Special offer

  • Guarantees

  • Landing page

Typically, our conversion rate ranges anywhere from 15-30%, but are typically around 20%. This means for every 100 clicks we can get you 20 leads.

The cost per lead will come down to how much we are bidding. Usually we are attempting to be in position 2 which gets you a good number of leads for the best price. If the bids are $5 each that means your average cost per lead will be $25. It’s hard to know exactly what it will be in your area until we have run ads for a couple weeks to get an idea on where the bids have to be. We can work towards goals of a certain cost per lead, or we can work towards always being in position 2. Most clients prefer the position 2 strategy.

(Actual results will vary)

What is the cost to run a Google Ads campaign?

The average account we have audited is spending $100+ to acquire a lead. Our average cost per lead + management is typically under $50!

Many clients have told us they convert 40-60% of leads to sales. So, if you are spending $100 per lead running ads on your own or with another agency, and then it converts at 50% that means it cost you $200 to acquire a customer.

If you are getting leads from us, it would only cost you $100 to earn a client and you would be getting more profit and can afford more leads!

We have 3 plans for you to pick from: Start up, Growing, and Growing Plus. Each plan is based upon how much you want to spend on ads.

Due to the amount of time we have invested into creating these high converting campaigns, we will run your ads from our own Google Ads account and you will not own the campaigns. It would be similar to how you would not leave behind your window cleaning equipment to allow a client to use to wash their house later. (You will get $150 of free ad credits from Google with a new account! It typically applies in the 2nd month)

We do not charge a set-up fee or lock you into a contract due to this arrangement. If you choose to leave, the ad account and landing page(s) stay with us.

All plans include the following:

  • Create and optimize landing page per service

    • Typically, we build 1 to 3 pages depending on what you offer

    • Window Cleaning

    • Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning is 1 page (if you offer this service)

    • Gutter cleaning (if you offer this service)

  • Call tracking

  • Create and optimize ads

  • Create lists of keywords applicable to each service

  • Research for competitor names for negative terms

  • Manage bidding

  • Manage negative keywords

  • Analyze performance

Start Up Business Ads

Great for clients who are just starting out, want to spend less on ads, or they are in a low populated area.

Your Google Ad spend and management would be $1,500 or less.

Management is $500; Google Ad spend can be up to $1,000.

We reserve the right to limit the number of interactions with clients and changes to campaigns with this plan due to lower management fee and lower volume of ad management.

Growing Business Ads

Most of our clients fit within this plan. It is great for a growing company with 2 or more trucks or they just want more leads for a single truck.

Your ad spend and management would be between $1,800 to $4,800.

Management is $800; Google Ad spend can be between $1,000 to $4,000.

Most clients average about $2,000 on ad spend, but it varies based on services, cost per clicks, and the season. Typically, between April to June, clients are spending more on ads due to more search volume. You can let us know what you want your daily budget to be and we will work from there.

Growing Plus Business Ads

This plan is for the big spenders in areas with a lot of searches coming in. This is usually only reached in peak seasons of the higher populated service areas.

Management is $800/mo. for the first $4,000 and then it’s an additional $100/mo. for every $1,000 of ad spend over $4,000.

Additional costs are to help cover our extra expenses in managing more ad spend (Analyzing things like: bids, search queries, and other pieces).

If you had spent $6,000 on ads, then your management would be $1,000. Total cost would be $7,000.

Bing Ads

Looking to add another 200% of leads a month to your business? Depending on the city there might be enough searches for Bing Ads! This plan is ONLY in addition to Google Ads. This is not a stand-alone package.

Bing Management is $200/mo. for up to $1,000 of ad spend (pretty typical to spend under $1,000). Add $100/mo. for every $1,000 of ad spend over $1,000.

Pricing Plans for Google Ads for Pressure Washing Companies

Ready to have a professional manage your Window Cleaning ads?

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