Creatively Innovative is a unique web design and digital marketing agency.

Why was Creatively Innovative started?

Zeke Domowski has had a passion for design and analyzing the details throughout his education. While learning about Engineering in college he loved to design and create 3D models. After graduating college he went into sales and loved the interaction with customers, but knew that he had too much creativity to stay in sales. 

Transition from sales to marketing.

In 2014, Zeke Domowski wanted to be the mastermind behind creating impactful content for sales reps. His creative imagination went to work and he started to redesign the way content was built. He started off with simple product data sheets, but then moved to more powerful digital sales tools. He was able to present the information in a way that offered value to the customers by showing the challenges they face and how the products can provide solutions. When the sales tool was presented to the sales force they said it was the best laid out sales presentation they had seen and expressed desire for all product groups to present the data in the same way.

Zeke Domowski Creatively Innovative Web Designs and Marketing Strategies

The start of innovative web designs.

Zeke started creating better ways to layout website content for his company. He offered many ideas that presented information with the use of more graphics. Despite initial resistance, Zeke continued to offer ideas and almost a year later his original website ideas were finally acted upon for a significant update within the company. His idea will be rolled out onto 500 web pages and will be viewed by over 2 million unique users annually. Now that is big. 

Zeke loves designing for a clean user interface.

Creating content for websites and sales can be daunting for many, but Zeke finds joy in dreaming up new ideas and implementing them. His passion for this drives him to work hard and loves going to work every day. In December of 2015, Zeke's brother came to him with a vision to create a website for his contracting company. In less than ten days, Zeke turned a creative concept into reality. His first website was launched.

The first website design caught people's attention.

In less than a couple days of launching the website, it had hundreds of visitors. His brother spread the word to his friend's and the word was out. He quickly had others asking for websites from him. These websites presented new challenges. Research, creative layouts, colors, fonts, and more had to be discovered to create these websites. The fun had just begun.

Clean, elegant websites for small companies. 

Zeke loves creating websites for start-ups and small businesses. His websites are all built with mobile responsiveness in mind, but most importantly, the user, who will be visiting the sites. Human-centered design principles are used to create an interface which makes it easy to navigate, find information, and connect with the company with strong call-to-action buttons. 

Marketing and consulting for small businesses.

With a background in engineering, solving problems comes natural to Zeke. Small companies may not have the resources to create a marketing plan so they go to Zeke for help. He has created marketing plans for large corporations from promoting an app, to creating campaigns to get more awareness for a global online store. He combines this knowledge with his strategic thinking and creates a tailored plan to help small businesses gain the exposure they need to grow.